• Jan. 29.: Behind the Scenes Lunch at the New York Genome Center The New York Genome Center (NYGC) comprises an exceptional global consortium of renowned academic, medical, and industry leaders devoted to translating genomic research into clinical solutions for serious disease. NYGC research is at the forefront of transforming biomedical research and clinical care, with the mission of saving lives. Located at the nexus of Greenwich Village, SoHo ...
  • Renew Your Membership for 2015 With 2015 approaching…take a moment to renew your annual membership in our local community of science writers—SWINY—the greater metropolitan area’s leading professional and social hub for science, medical, and healthcare writers, editors, and PIOs.
  • Dec. 1: The Eyes Have It: Revolution in Biomedical Imaging SWINY and Albert Einstein College of Medicine invite you to attend an illuminating group of presentations on marvels of cutting-edge biomedical imaging and their applications to human disease—presented by their renowned innovators.